Сelebration of Moscow's birthday
Moscow, 2016 - 2017
Two years in a row our team took part in preparation for giant event in Moscow - city's birthday celebration. We created costumes for several event locations around the city and organized two big expositions as well.
In 2016 the exposition was dedicated to «The Year of Russian Cinema». We selected the most significant costumes from Russian famous movies «War and Peace», « Ivan Vasilievich changes his profession», «The guest from the future».
Next year, in 2017 exposition was dedicated to progress and achievements of the City. Our exposition consisted from ballet costumes from Bolshoy theatre , MHT theatre and Electrotheatre Stanislavskogo.
The most interesting part of exposition was the block dedicated to the Aviation and the Space where we showed Space suits and cosmonaut suits. We involved big representative companies and collectors to make exposition more interesting and memorable.

Moscow - 870
Exposition of theatre costumes and space suits.
Tverskaya streeet
Magnificent Cuckold
The play is based on the composition of the Belgian playwright F. Krommelink. The decorations reproduce the performance of 1922 in the production of V. Meyerhold, and the costumes were based on the pictures of Malevich.
Director: E. Tyshuk
Costume designer: Asya Solovyeva
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